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Evangelism without the Weird Aftertaste
Feb 25, March 4, March 25 (3 weeks): Don Faber-Langendoen

The title originated from an interview with Mark Teasdale in Christianity Today.

Right before he left, Christ told his followers to make disciples of all nations, teaching others what he had taught them. But what does that mean for us today? Isn’t it enough to live a good life of kindness and work for justice? Do we actually have to SAY anything?

Feb 25: Why “do” evangelism? Paul calls it a spiritual gift—what does that look like for us Presbyterians?

Mar 4: How do outreach ministries like In My Father’s Kitchen and Group Workcamp fit in with evangelism? Can we just do things like that, and not “evangelize”?

Mar 25: OHPC’s vision says we are committed to reaching out to people in need, offering them a place and a purpose in the work and the family of God. How exactly should we do that reaching out? How can we encourage each other individually and together? Come share your ideas.

  • “For more, see Mark Teasdale’s interview. click here

The Shack: Movie Discussion
March 11 & 18 (2 weeks): Peggy Charles & Bob Langston

The Shack spent over a year on the NY Times bestseller list and is now out as a movie. It’s the story of a man whose daughter is tragically killed, after which he struggles to hang onto a belief in God. God appears to him as 3 persons, but doesn’t look like the “Father, Son, & Holy Spirit” you pictured growing up. Join Peggy and Bob for film clips and good discussion of what we can expect from God in a messed-up world.

Bible Study: Ruth & Esther
Apr 8 – May 13 (6 weeks): Kathy Faber-Langendoen

Men get most of the ink in the Bible, but don’t be fooled: there are strong, amazing women whose stories have much to tell us. Join Kathy for this Bible study of two women of God, both of whom have books devoted to their lives in the Old Testament.


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