“The GOOD Shepherd”

Tag team sermon with Pastor Bob and David Bailey. David starts the sermon off with “Shepherd’s Song”. One of the famous “I AM” sayings in John. (But if you look closely in John’s gospel, you will discover that following EVERY ONE of the “I Am” sayings, Jesus gets put down, derided, roughed up, sneered at. So also here: Jesus utters a saying of such lyric power that it has made tears leap to the eyes of believers for two millennia now. But when first Jesus said these words, they called him a lunatic, a demoniac, Satan’s little helper.)
We may need to update the imagery a bit but it’s not too difficult to remind people of their ongoing need for Someone bigger, stronger, and wiser to lead them along life’s paths.
John 10.11-18

To listen to this archived sermon, send email request to sermons@ohpc.us. We will add the audio to this page within a week.
Thank you.

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