“The Practice of the Presence of God”

We welcome Jim Krisher – Nicholas Herman had a powerful conversion in the 1600’s. It was through looking at a tree. Where did he experience the presence of God? In the Monastery? During prayer? When in silence with God? When he was cooking in the kitchen? Listen to today’s sermon to find the answer. You may find your answers here too. Mark 4: 30-32

Scripture calls on us to acknowledge and confess our sins before God with a humble, lowly, penitent, and obedient heart.  Let us come before Him now, together: We confess, God of Faith, that we ask about someone’s background to see if they are like us, but you look at where their heart is grounded. We examine another’s good looks or athletic prowess, while you take notice of how they reach out to those who are different. We gaze at the size of someone’s house, or car, or portfolio to judge how successful they are, and you observe whether or not they have faith the size of the smallest seed. Forgive us, Anointing God, for looking at those around us with human eyes, and not seeing them as created in your image. As you shape us into new people, give us new eyes, new hearts, new lives to follow Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

To listen to this archived sermon, send email request to sermons@ohpc.us. We will add the audio to this page within a week.
Thank you.

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