“Master Marketing”

HERSHEY’S KISSMOBILE Cruiser, the chocolate lover’s dream machine, is traveling to small towns and large cities across North America bringing smiles to kids of all ages and sharing the message that, “Every kid deserves hugs and kisses” especially HERSHEY’S HUGS and KISSES brand chocolates. Two HERSHEY’S KISSMOBILE Cruisers, each accompanied by two Chocolate Ambassadors, will visit over 70 North American cities, driving more than 75,000 miles. (see hershey’s.com)  There are marketing masters and those who are to market the master.  How do we do that effectively?  What is the advertisement of our lives?  Mark 8: 27-38

To listen to this archived sermon, send email request to sermons@ohpc.us. We will add the audio to this page within a week.
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