“The Inapang weave baskets. God, weaves people.”

We welcome Bud & Bonnie Morton, our missionaries in Papua New Guinea.   They provide medical and educational support to missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea.

 There are over 860 different tribes in PNG and nearly 400 are still unreached.    Matthew 6:24-34

Quoting the back cover of the book “A big thank you to GOD” by David bell

“When the Inapangs began digging up the first yams of the season, their main food staple was twice its normal size.   “When I dig them out, I look at them and say, ‘This is God showing us His fingerprints and His power!'” said a village chief.  The new believers were convinced that the power to grow food did not belong to the spirits they had worshipped in the past, but to God alone.  The planted without doing the traditional spirit-worship ritual.  The harvest was their first confirmation from god: “I am here. I am in control. I am the One looking after you.”   The bountiful yield of yams parallels the spiritual harvest that God is producing among the Inapangs, for which they continue to offer “a big thank you to God”.

For more information, visit http://usa.ntm.org/  (New tribes Mission)

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