Christianity and Culture Series

Reflections on Journeys (Literature)   Matthew 28.16-20

This year’s Christianity and Culture series will look at several mediums as they relate to a common theme: a journey. As we travel this life of faith how might the journey’s of others speak to our own? We will launch the series with a look at Hiking Through a book written by a guy who hikes the AT and learns a lot about life, love and God.



Reflections on Journeys (Film) The Way

Walking The Way of St James Through Auvergne & Languedoc otherwise known as – “El camino de Santiago,” Stars: Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, in “The Way”.   The film chronicles a way through grief and a way for a grieving father to relate to his son. There are of course lots of ways to deal with grief. How might the Way help us in that?   Matthew 5.21-26



Reflections on Journey’s art/music? (The Emmaus Road)

Something happened when Jesus broke bread…the disciples’ eyes were opened. What opens our eyes to the savior? Might it be the bread and the cup this morning?    Luke 24:13-35


Sermon Audio


He Will Carry You by Scott Wesley Brown

Due to Copyright, to view The Road to Emmaus images please follow the following Google and Bing links.

Emmaus 1
Emmaus 2
Emmaus 3
Emmaus 4
Emmaus 5
Emmaus 6
Emmaus 7
Emmaus 8
Emmaus 9
Emmaus 10
Emmaus 11


Reflections on Journey’s (Drew & Andrea Langston)

My son Drew (and hopefully his wife and my daughter in law, Andrea) will speak this morning on what their journey around the world meant and did for them…and where and how faith was deepened and lived. Matthew 10.40-42   Jeremiah 29.11-14



Click on their photo in Egypt to listen to the sermon.



Click on the 1st picture of  while listening to the sermon and then each picture  thereafter in the new window to advance to the next.

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