Is There Any Word From The Lord?

We welcome Rev. Gary Baker who is covering for Pastor Bob while he is on Sabbatical.

Gary and his wife are long time friends of our church and we are blessed to have him with us.

Date: 5.18.14

Reading: Jeremiah 37:11-17

Title:  Is There Any Word From The Lord?

Synopsis: When King Hezekiah asked the prophet Jerimiah this question – Jeremiah said: “There is!” I believe that when we search and/or ask that there is always a word from God. We might find it visually or by a Spoken word but probably the best place to find “the Word” if by reading the Bible. Therein we find that God loves us “unconditionally” and that he has provided for us eternal salvation by the sacrifice of His son, Jesus the Christ.

audio file to listen to the sermon Gary’s greeting to the congregation

audio file to listen to the sermon Today’s Sermon


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