The Triangle of Forgiveness


Date: 7.20.2014

ReadingMatthew 18:21-22

Title:  The Triangle of Forgiveness

Synopsis:  Ernest Hemingway wrote a story, “Capital of the World” about a father who wanted to give forgiveness to his son Paco who left the farm.  Listen in to hear more about this story.

As the Fire Triangle has 3 key components (sides), the Forgiveness Triangle also has 3 components.
_ Side 1: The Base. Jesus forgiving us for our sins.
/ Side 2: Forgive others.
\ Side 3: Forgive yourself

Our burdens will get heavier if unresolved.
Listen now to hear more about the Forgiveness Triangle. 

Do “you” need forgiveness? Then start 1st by forgiving others.


audio file to listen to the sermon

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