When Things Do Not Go the Way You Expect


Date: 7.27.2014

ReadingIsaiah 40:31

Title:  When Things Do Not Go the Way You Expect


We all experience times in our lives when things do not go the way we expect or “want”. John the Baptist was experiencing these feelings while he was spending time in jail. And if we are honest when we look back, we can many times say “you know that was really for the best”!

There are two main points in this sermon:
1) We must learn to accept God’s wisdom! Be able to pray Like Jesus in the Garden: “Thy Will be Done”.
2) And we need to learn to not let our own personal time schedule start superseding God’s time schedule.

In conclusion you can find comfort in going to God’s Holy Word and reading Isaiah 40:31 & following the instructions there.

audio file to listen to the sermon


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