Do I know you? The 2014 Good Samaritan

Reading: Luke 10:25-37

Synopsis: Have you ever looked forward to peace and quiet while taking a trip but had a talkative seat-mate changed your plans? Well, sometimes your plans take you to directions you never thought of. These are opportunities. What opportunities do you encounter day by day lead you to being a good Samaritan? One of our very own youth’s, Cater, requested family and friends to give him money for Christmas instead so he could pay for a youth to attend Vander Kamp. All this from listening and caring at church. How’s that for being God like?

So set down the cell phone and enjoy some conversation. You may find that God was present and helped guide you to do a good deed, make a caring gesture or even be that Good Samaritan alongside the road.

What opportunities await “you” today?

audio file to listen to the sermon

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