The Earth is the Lord’s…ALL of it!

Scholars call Psalm 24 a processional liturgy that celebrates the Lord’s (Yahweh’s) entrance into Zion. Many suggest that the poet wrote this piece to accompany either David’s bringing the ark into Jerusalem as 2 Samuel 6 tells the story, or a festival that commemorated that event. At its core the text says: “God conquers chaos.” When the ancient world perceived the seas and waters, as part of the unstable chaos that constantly threatened creation, well this is a Psalm of assurance! God restrains those chaotic forces that worried the Old Testament folk…and as we know all too well, beauty among that chaos abounds. This notion will frame a reflection on a slide show of my Glacier National Park sabbatical experience.

Readings –¬†Psalm 24

audio file to listen to the sermon


May the following pictures enhance your Census Divinitus from¬†Glacier Nation Park. See God’s presence.

Please return soon and the photos will be available

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