The Earth is the Lord’s…ALL of it!

Scholars call Psalm 24 a processional liturgy that celebrates the Lord’s (Yahweh’s) entrance into Zion. Many suggest that the poet wrote this piece to accompany either David’s bringing the ark into Jerusalem as 2 Samuel 6 tells the story, or a festival that commemorated that event. At its core the text says: “God conquers chaos.” When the ancient world perceived the seas and waters, as part of the unstable chaos that constantly threatened creation, well this is a Psalm of assurance! God restrains those chaotic forces that worried the Old Testament folk…and as we know all too well, beauty among that chaos abounds. This notion will frame a reflection on a slide show of my Glacier National Park sabbatical experience.

Readings – Psalm 24

audio file to listen to the sermon


May the following pictures enhance your Census Divinitus from Glacier Nation Park. See God’s presence.

Please return soon and the photos will be available

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