Advent Series

1st Advent “Dreams” Readings:   Isaiah 40.1-11   Luke 1.67-79
Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Younger Next Year. Riveting Books.

Our advent series this year will be based on some thinking of Brian Mclaren in his book We Make the Road by Walking. Each week we will have an opportunity to engage in what I’d call ‘table talk’ (or “family circles”) that will be related to our readings and our thinking about them. As we walk the road towards the celebration of Christ’s birth we will make a joyful noise, in some fashion…together… as we share. This morning we will think together about the difference between wishing and thinking and the role that prophets play in that.

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2nd Advent “Impossible Possibilities” Readings: Luke 1.5-55
It’s scientifically impossible. It can’t happen to me. Or can it?
(yes probably all of it…)

If we are really honest with ourselves we spend most of our time on one side or the other of despair. As Brain McLaren puts it: “Our promising hopes miscarry.” The pregnancy stories that involve Elizabeth and Mary addresses this by suggesting that the seemingly impossible (which turns into despair) becomes possible. In those moments of doubt and despair I wonder how things might change is we said with Mary: “Let it be to me according to will.” We might find ourselves in the midst of a marvelous adventure!

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3rd Advent “As Long as There’s Herod…” Matthew 2:1-15
King Herod vs columbine,Jeffrey Weiss Red lake Minnesota, New Town Connecticut…

We used to teach our kids: NEVER USE THE WORD HATE. They used it anyway…I just know they did. So did I…(I know but that’s another sermon!) And I need to use it now: I HATE KING HEROD…for what he did…the slaughter of so many innocent children…and the slaughter continues. Herod’s progeny continue to run rampant…and tears of mother still fall.

As long as there are Herods there will be the need for prayer and compassion. This morning we will share in a special time or remembrance…

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