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Covenant: (A Lenten Sermon Series) Part 3: Covenants and Contracts
Reading Exodus 20.1-17

What does God do with our inability to keep up our end the contract? He makes a covenant. A contract is governed by the rules of bargaining. A covenant
is governed by the irrational but eternal love of God. It is a deep, soul-level connection and commitment that cannot bebroken. No matter what. And so, it that God covenants with

Covenant: (A Lenten Sermon Series) Part 2: Drawn to Barrenness
Reading Genesis 17.1-7,15- 16

In Part 2 of our Lenten Covenant series, we will think together about how God was drawn to the faithfulness of Abraham and Sarah but also to their barrenness. What is empty in us that God needs to fill?


“Covenant: A Lenten Sermon Series”  Part 1: “Flood Waters”

Genesis 9: 8-17 (NRSV)

This is the 1st Sunday in Lent. Over this and the neat few Sunday’s, we hope you enjoy this Lenten Series. For this virtual service,please bring a bowl of water to the sacred space to fully experience and enjoythis worship service. As this is the First Sunday in Lent. The bowl will need to be large enough to dip your hand into for a moment. You may also want to have a small towel nearby, but that is not critical.

Divine Distance

In case you missed the point LAST week, it’ll be made here again this week. This is the way of Mark’s gospel…time and time again he makes it clear that there will be gaps in our thinking…there will be mystery that will remain so. I mean who can REALLY know what Jesus is about…especially when some are healed, and some aren’t. We have to leave much to the divine distance between our free God and who is independent from us and our desires. Mark 1:40-55

There Are Going to be Gaps

We have to be comfortable not knowing why Jesus makes some of the choices he does…with the gaps between the ages, between our thinking and stories of the Bible. After, all what’s most important is NOT to have all the answers, but to have Jesus, Jesus in all of his life-giving presence. Mark 1:29-39

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