“The Feast of the Father”

The centerpiece of the story is the feast.  Why is the feast so important?  Feasts (meals) signified acceptance and relationship.  Who might we consider having to dinner if we took this parable seriously?  Luke 15.11-32




having a feast for the students

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“The TRUE Elder Brother”

The younger brother in the story gets a Pharisee for an older but we do not.  There IS one who obeyed the Father completely…and he is the one telling the story! Luke 15.1-6, 25-32

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“TWO Lost Sons”

BOTH sons want the father’s things but not the father. One tries to get the things by being very, very bad and the other by being very, very good.  And Jesus says they  are BOTH aliented from each other, from the father, and from God.  There are TWO lost sons in this story.    Luke  15.11-32





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“The People Around Jesus”

The ‘religious’ group has a hard time with who Jesus chooses to have table fellowship with.  The religious group asks, “Doesn’t Jesus realize that this riff raff is the REAL trouble in the world?”  Jesus does not give a direct or compact answer.  The purpose of the three parables is to challenge the Pharisees thinking!   Luke  15.11-32


for the

tsnuami victims

in japan

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“Of Mountain Tops and Valleys”

“The mountain was the way for God to prepare a small group of disciples for a sacred journey…to offer something to hold onto when they descended into the crushing reality of the world below.” (Anschutz)  Such was the mount of transfiguration.  Such is the intent of the Canadian Canoe Trip for Pastor’s.   Matthew 17.1-9

Please enjoy some pictures of the Canoe Trip.

Canoe Trip presentation part I

Canoe Trip presentation part II





canoe trip for pastors

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“We Are,’ Not ‘We Should Be”

“We Are,’ Not ‘We Should Be”  Key words and phrases- Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? Character and Conduct. You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Salt as a preservative. Lighthouse on the entrance to the harbor in Cleveland Ohio. Lost ship.    Matthew 5: 13-20 Isaiah 58:1-9


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“The Spirit of the Beatitudes”

“The Spirit of the Beatitudes” – Keywords and thoughts – The BE Attitudes, Checklist of how we are doing on the blessings scale, Living in the Spirit, Simplicity, hopefulness, compassion. How much “clutter is in your life? How much of it is absolutely necessary?      Matthew 5: 1-12


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Rob  Bell says, “God is described in Scripture as compassionate.  ‘The Hebrew word is raham. It is also the word for womb.  So God is “womb-like.”  This is a very feminine image for God.”    Job 38: 4-11 Genesis 1: 27 Isaiah 66: 13-14

The video that Pastor Bob references can be listened to and viewed by clicking the link to the right   This is Rob Bell’s video named “She”. You can pause the sermon if you wish and return after viewing or listen at the end.

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“Including the Excluded”

Peter had to decide he had to include what had been excluded!  God seems to be calling us to this kind of moment today. Who are the excluded in our culture today?  Why is that so?   Acts 10: 34-43






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