I Was There

Dear Friends,
My clergy colleagues and I have put together a very short devotional for you and our community that we want to make available each Wednesday during the Lent. The centerpiece of these will be 5 short monologues, written by my good friend Bill Kennedy that carry the theme: “I Was There.” They invite us to reflect on what it might have been like for 5 lesser known characters of the Bible to have been present during the trial and crucifixion of Jesus.

This week Pilate’s wife ‘was there’ and tells her story of the day her husband ‘didn’t stop it.’  (You might recognize the woman playing the role.)

Thanks again, to my friend Bill Kennedy for writing such powerful pieces.

Much love…Pastor Bob


Leading us this evening have been six pastors who meet together monthly for mutual encouragement and support as well as sharing of ideas and resources.
The Rev. Paul Bailey, Pastor of Eastwood Baptist Church, Syracuse
The Rev. Ryan Cogswell, Pastor of First Reformed Church of Syracuse
The Rev. David Harris, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Syracuse
The Rev. Robert Langston, Pastor of Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church
The Rev. Leon Oaks-Lee, retired American Baptist pastor
The Rev. William Stoklosa, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hamilton

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