The Road

The Road
4845 W Seneca Tpke
Syracuse, New York



What drew us to them was their food ministry to those in need in downtown Syracuse. Upwards to a hundred bagged lunches are made each Thursday and handed out on the corners of Syracuse. Prayers and assistance are offered for those who ask. We donate food and offer our services to this effort. They have a small staff with big hearts. The vision and drive is a testament to the Faith of God.  Having helped downtown myself, I found this to be an eye opening experience.

But there is more to the Road than making sandwiches. The Road is a multi-generational, multi-site network that adapts to specific needs throughout the city, with a focus on reaching people who have not found a place of belonging in the mainstream church culture.  They have created a diverse community of faith working together to share God’s love and serve the city of Syracuse in a non-traditional way. They focus on being relational, open to all, affirming and diverse.

So check out their Facebook page to see more of The Road Experience.

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