The Season of Advent is here which consist of the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas.  Join Pastor Bob as he unfolds Advent in his “Great Value Series”


Week 2 – Great Value Series Part 1: “Advent Now and Again”

Week 2 – Great Value Series Part 2: “Dear John…”

Week 3 – Great Value Series Part 3: “Questioning John”

Week 4 – Christmas play: “A Christmas Tail”, at 9:30 Dec. 18th.
Come visit and enjoy this play by Author Bill Kennedy. Bill is a colleague and person friend of Bob & Karen Langston. Bill  currently teaches theater at Capital University. He is a big man with an even bigger heart.

Christmas Eve Sermon : Christmas with Matthew

You WILL find a welcome here that is friendly and engaging to ALL who enter our doors. The more I look at the life of Jesus the more clearly I see how broad his welcome of others truly is. Jesus’ life was lived by welcoming those no one wanted anything to do with…the last, the little, the lost, the least…these were the ones Jesus made time for and connected with and who seemed to be the most open to learning about the kingdom of God from the Master Teachers.  When you get a chance, listen to my November 2009 sermon “Including the Excluded” * to bring this concept home.  “The religious” folk of his day and time, who thought they had it all together, were the ones who gave Jesus the biggest headaches and who he was in conflict with more often than not. In this day and time, you know, perhaps all too well, that most churches pride themselves on being friendly and welcoming, “as Jesus was”. I however have visited churches where no one even said “hello” to me! At OHPC I guarantee that will not happen…because there are lots of folks here who get what Jesus was about and we are humbly seeking to be faithful followers of Him. We are not perfect people, but we truly want our welcome to be like his as we seek to fulfill our purpose to experience and express the love of Jesus Christ. So if you’ve given church a try and been turned off, please know that OHPC is just a little different and you WILL find a welcome here that is friendly and engaging. You will also find a great group of people who sincerely desire to G.R.O.W with God. We hope to see you soon! With love…Pastor Bob

* ( some scholarship referenced is from Scott Hoezee and Homiletics Online. )


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