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Mission and Mercy cares for those outside of the church. Rather than describe what we do, I thought it best to list our areas of support.

Ministry Area Leader Maggie Welch can be reached at Email mwelch20@twcny.rr.com

The Knapp’s in Guam. This husband and wife team are local to our area and are currently serving in Guam with Wycliffe Bible Translators. WBT works with local community members of small villages in places such as Africa, Asia, in the Pacific islands, translating the bible as well as other health and hygiene related materials. Way are proud to support this mission.

National/Local Mission:
• One great hour of sharing

• Church world service crop walk

• St. Pauly we clothing shed. Clothing donations placed in the shed and then picked up weekly by St. Pauly who in turn sends OHPC a check based on weight. This money goes towards our annual church mission trip.

A special Thanks from St. Pauly
Dear OHPC Congregation,
Thank you for continuing to collaborate with us on the St. Pauly Textile clothing drop off shed project! In 2016 roughly 17,066 garments of clothing were donated to your shed. This was enough to clothe an estimated 2,069 people. The clothing is being used right now by people in one or more of 44 different countries (including the US) to which our clothing is likely to have been distributed this past year. Your congregation raised $800 in 2016 through hosting this shed. We ask that you continue to spread the word about the clothing shed to other community members. Thank you for all your support, and please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Sincerely, The Team at St. Pauly Textile Inc.
• Mt. Pleasant food pantry. Food, household supplies and cash donations are collected monthly and delivered to the food pantry

• Advent/Christmas project. We provide needed items as well as monetary donations for My Father’s Kitchen and Chadwick Residence. We continually look for other areas that we can help with.

Where women take their next steps toward independence.
• Women live, learn and grow at Chadwick Residence, where one-on-one guidance, training opportunities and permanent housing assistance make it more than just a place to live.
• The Chadwick Residence mission and experience focus on sustainable, independent living. Our programming covers a wide array of life skills, including personal finance, effective parenting and successful employment.
• A nonprofit organization based in Syracuse, New York, Chadwick Residence relies on the support of volunteers and donations to serve women at risk with housing assistance both on our premises and in the community.

In My Father’s Kitchen, Inc. (IMFK) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation registered with the New York Department of State on September 7, 2011. It was founded by John and Leigh-Ann Tumino, and is a faith-based organization offering non-denominational and non-discriminatory assistance to homeless people through direct street outreach. As John and Leigh-Ann build relationship s with chronically homeless individuals they identify and meet the unique needs of homeless people not yet ready to leave the streets ….

Financial Support:
Above and beyond the financial support to all the areas shown above, we are there for disaster relief support as well as PC USA disaster relief when needed.

As you can imagine, this is a very busy committee but one that is fulfilling the Call of our Faith.


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