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Sometimes you want specific right off the bat while other time the 3000 foot view will do.  This is that view.

Our Ministry Areas are listed below with a brief synopsis  of their function with the option to read the full description. The Ministry Area Leader’s name and Email address is also provided should you have further questions.


Every Sunday during youth education imagethe school year we offer Youth Education Classes (you might remember this as Church School) for youth who are preschool to senior year in high school. We offer four different classrooms where children will learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ, worship, take part in an array of activities and learn about mission work and giving back. read more



worship emblem

The goal of the Worship Ministry Area is to design worship experiences, which are participatory in nature and conducive to worshiping God by celebrating His goodness, love and rule in our lives, seeking His presence recommitting our lives to Him through acts of forgiveness, preaching the word, and calls to discipleship. read more

Ministry Area Leader Kermit Buickman can be reached at Email


sunday seminar
Adult Education –
Around our table sits a collective 300+ years of walking with God! Some are long in the faith, still open to new ideas; some new, with great ideas and questions; some testing the waters. That brings a richness and depth, and we treasure the encouragement, experience, and insight in that group. Not only that, but participants have been beyond terrific at expressing gratitude and support, making teaching a pleasure. read more


mission and mercy emblem Mission and Mercy cares for those outside of the church. Rather than describe what we do, I thought it best to list our areas of support. read more

Ministry Area Leader Maggie Welch can be reached at Email




congregational care emblemCongregational Care is the ministry of caring for and supporting the members of OHPC. We are in contact with our homebound members to see how they are doing. Meals, flowers, cards and prayers are provided. read more

Ministry Area Leader Heidi Kelly can be reached at Email


Witness and Evangelism has taken a different direction this year. Our primary focus is on reaching outward in our community as well as inward on our congregation. It is through various resources that we accomplish our goalread more

Ministry Area Leader Steve Arnold can be reached at Email

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