In memory of:

In Loving memory of:

Doug Miller on December 23rd 2018
Ralph Coon January 23, 2020
Ann Barnes February 9, 2020
David Brissenden January 4, 2022

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On a personal note, Doug, I do this page in honor of you, not only for myself but for each life you have touched. ~Steve Arnold




This is how Doug left his gloves on the drums faithfully after each service. His gloves will be handed down to his good friend and fellow drummer / percussionist, Carter Buckman.

More pictures of Doug.




Eulogies from FaceBook:

This Christmas, our OHPC family lost a piece of its heart with the sudden passing of Doug Miller on Sunday morning. Doug was a light in our church with his beaming smile and warming personality. You could hear his love for the Lord through his music, you could fell his love for others through his hugs and outgoing greetings. It’s difficult to put into words the impact Doug’s death has on our close-knit church family, but it’s nearly impossible to describe the impact Doug’s life had on everyone who knew him. Please keep his family and our OHPC family in your prayers. At this point in time, we know that it was Doug’s wish for there to be no calling hours, so the plan will be to celebrate his life at a memorial service at OHPC on New Years’ Day, ‪Tuesday, January 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM‬.


  • Doug Miller walked the walk, and was truly one in a million. He was a generous and caring person
  • I am devastated. We have lost a great person. I have lost a friend, an amazing human being, an inspiring man. This unexpected news is terrible. I would love to talk to him just one more time, and thank him for being who he was.
  • Words cannot express the sadness
  • What a huge void..and what huge footsteps to follow in.. but what a privilege to do so


All of us at the Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church suffered a devastating loss today of our church member and good friend, Doug Miller. December 23rd 2018 will be forever etched in the hearts of all of us. Heaven may have received a new angel today but we lost so very, very much with his passing.
Our 26 member Cantata group had our dress rehearsal, with Doug just yesterday. The difficult task of singing our cantata this morning was singing it without Doug. We made it through by singing it in his honor despite the ache in our hearts.
Doug was an icon in the church and truly loved by all who were blessed by his presence. To name only a few areas Doug’s shoes filled are: taking care of icy walkways, working on Session, playing the drums for the Praise team, point man for any of the BBQ’s and Dinners, known for his deep voice and saying “Reverend” to Bob. I could go on and on. Doug, I’m going to miss talking with you so very much as will everyone else. Thank you for all you’ve done in our church and in our lives that blessed us with your presence. This hurt will take time to fade but you will remain with us in our hearts and memories forever. When God greeted you at the gate this morning, I’m sure he said “Well done, Good and Faithful Servant. I’m also positive that in the time you’ve been there today, you’ve already scheduled a chicken BBQ. And God smiled.
Peace be with you my friend.


  • He subbed during lunches at Marcellus….he’ll be missed
  • Never met a kinder person. Never
  • Loved to sing with him. Miss him already
  • Hard to imagine OHPC without him in the picture. So sad.
  • I’m sorry I never had the chance to get to know Doug well. But I sure love hearing all the stories about Doug at OHPC and other places he’s worked and volunteered. A huge loss for our church and community. For those who sang the Contata so beautifully despite your grief and heartbreak God gave you the courage to carry on and sing through your tears. God Bless you all for wonderful singing during a difficult time.
  • Kind, gentle, energetic, and loud . That’s how I’ll remember Doug. Always moving, doing, supporting people, laughing, ready with a hug. He was a foundation of church life for two congregations as long as we knew him. He’ll be greatly missed by so many
  • I only hope he knew just how much he was loved and by how many. He wasn’t one to compare and preferred being viewed from the sideline. But if our love for him trickles through Heavens gate, they are receiving a flood right now.
  • This man meant a lot for many people. His work and attitude affected us all. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. He amazing character traits and his toughness made him a person anyone can relate to him. That is what is needed to be remembered about this kind hearted, helpful, and all around amazing man.

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Ralph Coon’s Memorial Service February 4, 2020

As many of you may know, Ralph Coon, a faithful and long-time member of OHPC who served our Lord Jesus in so many different ways over the years, died on Thursday, January 23, 2020 after a long illness. He was 94 years old. Mary was able to be with him an hour before he died and she and her family would like to invite us to celebrate Ralph’s life with them…and to bear witness to the resurrection, at a service here at OHPC at 2:00 PM, Tuesday February 4th. The service will be followed by light refreshments, served in Fellowship Hall, where Mary and the family will greet us. There will be no other formal calling hours.

The Hospitality Committee is asking everyone who might be able to help provide baked goods (cookies, pies, cakes, etc.) to please deliver them to the kitchen at church no later than Monday February 3rd at 4:00 PM (clearly marked “COON SERVICE.”) This will allow the committee to determine what supplies are needed when they come to set up Fellowship Hall Monday afternoon.

Ralph was a mentor, teacher and friend. He was a blessing to everyone that met him. May you rest in peace and cause a little mischief in heaven! I know you will!



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Ann Barnes Celebration of Life February 9, 2020

In addition, another faithful member of our congregation and our praise team, Ann Barnes, was diagnosed with cancer last week and shockingly, has been given weeks to live. Her wishes, and our hopes, are that she will still be alive on Sunday, February 9 when she would like to be present with us for a celebration of her life in the sanctuary at 11:30AM after our regular worship service and church school are over. She will then be ‘throwing a party’ (open house) immediately following the service in Fellowship Hall, until 2:30 PM. A simple lunch will be available in Fellowship Hall following the celebration service in the sanctuary.

If Ann passes away before February 9, the celebration and party will still take place as it is planned.

Please spread the word to any of Ann’s friends you may know and plan on joining her.
In the meantime, Ann has asked folks to please not call her or stop by as she is currently trying to navigate the challenging way ahead and deal with the shock of this news in the midst of very severe physical pain. If you’d like to help out with food, as Ann is able to tolerate small portions of specific items, please reach out to Jackie Guercio @ 315-487-8029.

Sadly, Ann didn’t last to her Celebration of Life. The party went on as she requested. There was plenty of music and sharing.

Peace be with you Ann

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David Brissenden January 4, 2022

David Brissenden left an empty chair in the back of the church and a void in all our hearts on January 4th 2022. When David first came to OHPC, he walked in quietly with a smile on his face and proceeded to take a seat in the rear of the church. There he would sit for years to come. But David didn’t just sit, he got involved. In everything. He was tall and muscular but as gentle as they come. Hence, he received the nickname “The Gentle Giant”. When I would shake his hand, he had a firm grip and it felt the size of a baseball mitt. He would laugh when I would tell him that. Like so many others in our church, David was always willing to help. Especially when it came time to take on the role of Jesus in our re-enactment of the “Last Supper”. Then, those same baseball mitt hands transformed into celestial glory as he passed the cup and the bread. And lastly, those same hands saw fit to write and send Cards to “everyone” during Christmas.
David blessed our church with his presence and is greatly missed. Thank you David, It was an honor to be called your friend. ~Steve Arnold

Eulogies from FaceBook:

• Uncle Dave, as I looked outside at the beautiful sunset this evening, I had no doubt that your soul was out there amongst the bold colors and brilliant clouds smiling down upon us. In your life you demonstrated kindness, generosity, humor and patience. You will be greatly missed…..until our paths meet again.
• Truly a gentle and kind man. David, I am sure the you and Peter and Mark are having a glad ‘hilltop” reunion!
• I was saddened to hear of David’s passing. It was an honor and privilege to have known him. I will remember his kindness and the twinkle in his eye when he shared stories about his family and church friends. And…..always receiving a Christmas card delivered with a smile!


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