Brady Market

Brady Market

Our church supports Brady Market in their endeavor to provide:



Healthy food access and affordability to the neighborhoods on the near west side.



Personal development for people who live in communities experiencing intergenerational poverty, trauma, and systemic disinvestment. Circles of learning and training will be provided to support individuals to reach their goals for personal success, including mindfulness meditation, trauma-informed trainings, parenting skills, self-care, yoga, and fitness.



Training and Mentoring is the core of the Hope initiative to create 25-30 jobs and apprenticeships centering on a broad range of food industry jobs, including grocery operations, butchering, prepared foods, and catering.



Catering for a Cause is another method Brady Market continues to expand. At its core, their vision is a neighborhood reinvestment model. Unlike national grocery chains and privately owned stores, every dollar spent in the Brady Market increases programming in their community. Their vision multiplies your investment in our community.



Address  307 Gifford Street Syracuse N.Y. 13204

Contact number 3159375959.

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