Adult Spiritual Growth

Adult Spiritual Growth is also called Sunday Seminars. Come join us after Sunday service at 10:15 a.m. in the “Well”. Directions are easy. Upon leaving the Sanctuary, walk straight through the Narthex and down the stairs. You will see the door to the WELL on your left.

Seminars for January & February 2020.


Pastor Bob will again be leading Sunday Seminars in The Well as he begins a series of studies in response to some requests last spring.  Our January and February topics are based on “Reading the Bible for Understanding” by James E. Davison.  This is part of our denomination’s Being Reformed, Faith Seeking Understanding series and will provide us with the basics of, well, how to read the bible for understanding!  We will learn some tools for interpreting Scripture in a way that is true to text and tradition, as well as some tools for our own personal and in-depth study of the Bible.  Here’s the schedule:

January 5:  Do You Understand What You are Reading? 

This is based on the story about the question asked by the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-40 who was seeking to understand God’s word but needed someone to help him.

January 12:  Texts and Translations

January 19:  Interpreting Narrative Passages


February 2:  Interpreting the Gospels

February 9:  Interpreting the Letters

February 16:  Interpreting Poetry and Wisdom Literature

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