Outdoor Worship Guidelines

Here are some of the details you need to be aware of:

If it’s raining outdoor services will not be happening.  We will not be able to send out notice in time if this does occur, so the worst case scenario is that you will arrive and find it’s been raining on the Hill and our service was cancelled, but you got to enjoy a little ride.

If you can, please bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on, and some type of sun protection.

Unfortunately, the restrooms will NOT be available for use during the service.

We will encourage families to sit together.

When possible, please maintain social distancing.  We will have areas marked to help you with this.

Due to it being outdoors with social distancing maintained, masks will not be required, but most definitely may be worn if you’d like.

If you’d like to remain in your cars during the service we will certainly honor that.

Those available and willing to sing in the Praise Team will maintain a distance of at least 12 feet from anyone else.  Andrée and/or Kermit will be in touch with Praise Team members soon…or feel free to reach out to them if you would like to participate.

A basic bulletin will be sent to you ahead of time since the service will be very simple:  some prayers, some singing by the Praise Team, some Scripture reading, a sermon (on the mount?) ?…and perhaps a time of sharing.  Please print the bulletin if you can, and bring it along with you.  If you forget or do not have a printer, a few will be available at the service.

Hand sanitizer and a few masks will also be available.

The congregation will NOT be encouraged to sing but HUMMING IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!

There will be a location for you to place your tithes, gifts and offerings.

Please…PLEASE bring a friend or 2 with you.

There will also be assistance available (via a golf cart) for those who may need help getting to the area where we will be sitting, which is the grassy area overlooking the parking lot.

Individual bottles and cans of water and lemonade will be provided.

Please check our website and social media often for the most current information.

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