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Message “TO” the Pastor

[This column usually contains Pastor Bob’s message to the congregation. Today, we reverse things, with a message from the congregation to the Pastor, as presented by Kermit Buckman, at our January service.

One more thing, and then we’re done…about those 20 years!

We were kind of intentional last fall in letting a couple of pretty significant anniversaries slip by, because we wanted to wait to celebrate when we were all together as one congregation this morning.

30 years ago, on August 24, 1986 you were ordained into ministry.
20 years ago, on October 20, 1996, you were installed as the Pastor here at OHPC.

Bob, we reached out to some of the many friends, acquaintances, colleagues, parishioners and family members who have been lucky enough to share your journey in some way…There are also some video messages and photos. There are notes and cards and emails here in this box that talk about bubble wrap, weddings, canoe trips, beer…there are a couple that even speak of retirement, but I’m not going there…

One theme is evident in all of these…the leadership and guidance that you have offered to so many, and the great care that you have for others…and especially the great team that you and Karen are (because she’s definitely in this with you!) That is what we celebrate this morning.

One more thing…I waited until the end of the service this morning to ambush you with good reason. You have gone nowhere by accident…you came here and became part of our lives and have done Christ’s work here— So, we commissioned a piece based on those very words from Rev. Halverson’s benediction that you share most every Sunday…

so if I could have the choir folks join me up here…let me conclude by saying:

“In honor of our Pastor and Friend, our teacher and mentor, the Rev. Bob Langston, in celebration of your 30th year in the ministry and 20th year at Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church, we give to you, the world premiere of a song by my dear friend (and former student) Greg Giovannini:
“By No Accident.”

You go nowhere by Accident
Wherever you go God is sending you
Wherever you are God has put you there
God has a purpose in your being there
Wherever you are Christ who dwells within you has something he wants to do through you where you are.
-Reverend Richard Halverson

Happy 20 / 30 Years!

We also thank Peggy Charles and George Carruth for their words of thanks offered during this service.

To read Bob’s special message regarding this event follow this link.

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