The Wonder of Christmas Series

The Wonder of a Star  Matthew 2.1-12

Based on the study by Ed Robb and Rob Renfroe.

Advent 1
There are many things we might conclude about God apart from Christmas. But without Christmas we could never fully know the wonder of God’s love. It is truly ‘the most wonderful time of the year…’ but it’s not because of caroling and parties. It’s because of the wonder of what Christmas tells us: God loves us and has come among us to show just how much! THIS is the wonder of Christmas and each week we will explore one of the 4 elements of the Christmas story that teach us something about the wonder of God’s great love for us…a star, a name, a manger, a promise.

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The Wonder of a Name  Luke 1:26-33 Matthew 1.18-25

Advent 2
Although a person’s name today is not necessarily directly linked to his or her Name persona or identity, names are still important. Jesus’ name tells us just who he is to us: our salvation.

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The Wonder of a Manger   Luke 1.1-16

Advent 3
God stripped off heavenly glory and power and became one of us. God became human, took on the human condition, and embodied Love for us. Jesus showed us how to be truly human by loving others, serving others, redeeming others, and bringing reconciliation. Because of the nature of his entrance into the world, Jesus is accessible to all.

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The wonder of the Promise  Matthew 1.18-25, Isaia 7.14

Cantata and Christmas Tea

Advent 4
The star, Jesus’ name, and the humility displayed through the manger all communicate The Wonder of Christmas -God is with us. We have the opportunity to experience and keep that promise by embracing God with us and being with others this Christmas season. We are never alone!

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