God on the Move

Lenten Series Part 1: God Moves…Into the Wilderness

Luke 4.1-13

This morning we will begin a 7-week sermon series that will explore the reality of how Jesus’s earthly ministry was one of moving from place to place, and in the process, how he also moved through every part of human experience. We will think together about how as Jesus moved, so too are we called to move…to grow and change, because as Jesus-Followers, we cannot stay the same.

Part 1:
Will Willimon claims that “temptation is a function of hunger” and I think he’s right because when Satan enters the story and tries to woo Jesus to the ‘dark side’ this seems to be his main theme. “If you are really God,” says Satan, “make bread, minister to their hunger, because that’s really the object of their worship…the real reason they fall in their knees, finger their rosaries, put their dollars in the plate, wear big wooden or beautiful gold crosses around their necks…. bread! They think you are the source of their prosperity!”
Like it or not Satan is right…and in the wilderness, the dry parts of lives, those wild barren places, are often where our “hunger” on many levels intensifies…they are opportune times for the wiles of Satan to tap those hungers that are not Godly. The God news is Jesus is able to resist temptation in the wilderness and he will just go ahead and be God…no matter what. God on the Move: A Lenten Sermon Series Part 1: God Moves…into the Wilderness






Sermon God on the Move

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It’s Good for Us to Be Here

Luke 9:28-43 

There’s something in that story of heaven touching earth 2000 years ago that offers something no other story can.  And maybe I’ve been too hard on Peter.  Maybe he sensed that…or that beyond the ‘magic’ as it were there was something real that enchanted him…that made him want to linger…maybe there’s nothing wrong with lingering awhile with God…or better the one who is named BELOVED…the one who gives us new name too.  (See Rev. 2)





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On Seeing What’s in Front of Us… (and what isn’t!)

Genesis 45:3-11,15   

Call it divine coincidence…some call it serendipity, or divine synchronicity.  The reality is:  a lot can be found (or better discovered) when we are searching for something.  There’s a lot more to the story of Joseph than his coat of many colors.

February 24, 2019

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“In the name of Jesus Christ, Go to Hell!”

Two authors offer this as a different approach for the passing of the peace…all in keeping with the call of this passage of Scripture and ‘the hell’ that Jesus immersed himself into time and time again.  Where might be the hell we are being called to immerse ourselves in, in the name of Jesus.

Luke 6:17-26   





February 17, 2019



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And The Greatest Of These Is Love

We welcome Floyd Duger
Many of you already know the Love Chapter. You most likely included it in your wedding. Remember Love is Patient and Kind…etc. Yes, this is the Love Chapter. This is a sermon we need to bookmark and return to frequently. Let’s not wait too long to bring someone flowers. Too long to say I love you. Too long to “get together” sometime. It may be the last time this moment will be possible.  Enjoy this sermon.
Thank you Floyd. Your sermon was the epitome of Doug miller’s life.

Mark 12:23-34 1 Corinthians 13

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What’s on YOUR Cliff?

Luke 4.21-30

Or maybe better: WHO is on your cliff. We tend to want to push, our dashed hopes, our suspicions, our fears, the people who rub us the wrong way…challenge our expectations, off the first cliff we can find hoping to we might ensure our own security, safety, and salvation. As Karoline Lewis puts it: “Of course, Jesus pushes through our walls of resistance, our facades of forbearance, and our determined denial toward that which will truly bring us peace, comfort and hope. Thanks be to God.

February 3, 2019


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What comes to mind when you hear the word POWER? Wonder Woman? Superman? A political figure? Your great Uncle Joey? They have the power, right? Or do they? Listen and find out.

reading- Luke 4:14-21

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Even Then and Even Though

God promises his Presence not necessarily protection. His Presence Even Then and Even Though bad stuff happens. We may sometimes misinterpret what we read. Similar to a text message, the Bible can sometimes leave us making our own interpretations of the meaning.

Readings – Psalm 29Isaiah 43:1-7

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God’s Favor of Pirates, and people like Mary

Do we start with the prequels or dive head 1st into the story? I guess you’re going to have to listen to find out. I will say this though, Mary doesn’t getting enough billing, enough script time. For a pregnant 12 year old, you’d think she’d have more real-estate in the Bible. Anyway, listen in and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Reading: Luke 1:26-45 NLT

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Location Location Location

The scripture for this Sunday is Luke 3: 1-6. The sermon title is: “Location! Location! Location!”

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