A Reflection on Budapest

Today one of our youth Calvin, returns from his year abroad through the ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE. Listen in as he shares his journey of growth, faith and endurance while in Hungary.  Calvin captured the heart of Hungary through his slides which have been put into collage format below.  Our congregation could not be more proud of this young man.

Thank you Calvin for sharing with us.

Reading – Romans 5:1-5

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Calvin 2015 1 Calvin 2015 2 Calvin 2015 3 Calvin 2015 4 Calvin 2015 5 Calvin 2015 6 Calvin 2015 7 Calvin 2015 8 Calvin 2015 9

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As has been the tradition, this is the Sunday the kids who went on the mission trip will speak about their experience! Join us for an amazing experience as we think about how Jesus calls us to reframe our thinking and lives to imitate HIM!

Readings - Philippians 3.12- 21

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Heaven’s Bread

The bread of the Old Testament Exodus experience was manna…manna became a symbol for the presence and power of God…who provides miraculously…all the time…even as God provides another heavenly Bread: Jesus. Heaven’s Bread…is where there is power and peace and provisions beyond our wildest perceptions.

Reference is made to JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, The Lord of the Rings, Lembas Bread and a group called The Inklings.

Listen in to learn more how these and other references fit into today’s sermon


Readings - John 6:35,41-51

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Missing It!!

We welcome our Guest Speaker Karen Langston.

- Do you find your mind is on auto pilot? For example, while on your way to work, do you find you drove to Wegmans by mistake instead?

- Is your mind “preoccupied” by many things at the same time?   If so, how can you be responding to the needs of others or maybe even the nudging of a quiet God?

We think we are wired to live in the present, future and past at the same time. But in fact, only God can do that. We need to be tuning in to Today, to the little child by your side, to the beauty of our surroundings and yes, into God.

To quote Moira, speaking to her husband Peter Banning, in the movie Hook, “We have a few special years with our children, when they’re the ones that want us around. After that you’re going to be running after them for a bit of attention. It’s so fast Peter. It’s a few years, and it’s over. And you are not being careful. And you are missing it.”

What are you doing today?  May I suggest being present to those around you.  BE in today.  You just may find the presence of GOD in everything and everyone around you.

Enjoy the sermon.

Readings –  Isaiah 43: 18-19a  Matthew 6: 34a  Jeremiah 29: 11  John 10: 10b  Psalm 90: 12

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The Earth is the Lord’s…ALL of it!

Scholars call Psalm 24 a processional liturgy that celebrates the Lord’s (Yahweh’s) entrance into Zion. Many suggest that the poet wrote this piece to accompany either David’s bringing the ark into Jerusalem as 2 Samuel 6 tells the story, or a festival that commemorated that event. At its core the text says: “God conquers chaos.” When the ancient world perceived the seas and waters, as part of the unstable chaos that constantly threatened creation, well this is a Psalm of assurance! God restrains those chaotic forces that worried the Old Testament folk…and as we know all too well, beauty among that chaos abounds. This notion will frame a reflection on a slide show of my Glacier National Park sabbatical experience.

Readings - Psalm 24

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May the following pictures enhance your Census Divinitus from Glacier Nation Park. See God’s presence.

Please return soon and the photos will be available

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“Daughter or Son of God?”

Have you ever been to the NY State Fair?    Remember the crowds?
When I read that Jesus was surrounded by a crowd at the side of the lake, I imagine something similar to this.
Now in this crowd, a woman came and touched his cloak in hopes to be made well.
In the eyes of Jesus, this woman who was once “nameless” was now referred to as “daughter”. Jesus was showing that we are all created equal as Sons and Daughters of God.

Let us jump from Capernaum to the amazing things that have happened this week.

  • Marriage of equality from the Supreme court.
  • Amazing Eulogy by President Obama for the fallen in Charleston.
  • 1st African American Bishop in the Episcopal Church.

And Jesus is still showing that we are all created equal as Sons and Daughters of God.


Readings - Mark 5:21-43

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David’s Goliath and Ours

Sermon and video, select continue reading…
David’s tactics totally kibosh the old adage ‘you fight fire with fire.’ When we face the giants of our lives, there is always another way to come out victorious.

Reading-  1 Samuel 17: 1a,4-11, 19-23,32-49

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Miracle in Mississippi – Trinity 28, Millsaps 24 10-27-2007

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On Planting the Seeds and Failing Crops

As much as we would like to avoid our role in the kingdom as sowers/farmers, this text says we can’t. The combo of these parables is not about inactivity…it’s about doing all we can to let God do all God can to bring the growth. Where and how are we planting and watering seeds that might grow into faith? Where and how might God be calling us to plant some seeds?

Readings: Mark 4.26-34

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Delusions of a Crazy God

Jesus is accused of being, in essence, crazy by his family and the religious leaders here. The latter suggesting he is somehow in cahoots with Satan. Such delusions! We might cut his family some slack. (I can’t imagine living with Jesus can you?) But the latter…well, power is more often than not jealous of power. The ‘unpardonable’ sin here is worshipping a God of our choosing rather than the One we see in Jesus…the disrupting and uncomfortably confronting image of the living God.

Readings: Mark 3.20-35

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“Is That God Talking?”

Commentators observe that this Psalm is a rather ‘noisy’ Psalm. It might even be the reason Mom told me when I was kid and afraid of thunder: “It’s just the angel’s bowling.” I can wrap my head around a powerful, majestic voice…that maybe sounds like my grandfather’s…a friend used to say “it sounded like it came from the guts of a mountain” but does God’s voice really make mountains skip, strip forests bare…and what’s the point of shaking a wilderness that’s already bare? What does God talking sound like? How might God speak to us in the here and now?

Readings: Psalm 29

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