“On Being Responsible”

One of the things Aron Ralston realizes when he caught ‘between a rock and hard place’ is that he is responsible for each step he took. The wilderness tests our wills and often puts us in a position of discerning the will of God. How can we tell the difference between Satan’s voice and God’s and our own? Matthew 4.1-11

The Raven scene on 127 hours is not available on YouTube.  Dialogue from the movie clip is written below.

“8:15 and there is no Raven; 8:20 / 8:30 and my Raven didn’t come (a pause as he plays back images of family and friends in his life from the previous scene).  I’ve been thinking. Everything’s just comes together.  It’s me.  I chose this.  I chose all of this. This rock – this rock has been waiting for me my entire life.  In It’s entire life.  Ever since it was a bit of a meteorite- a million/billion years ago – up there in space it’s been waiting – to come here, right here.  I’ve been looking towards it my whole life, ever since the day I was born. Every breath I’ve taken, every action has been leading me to this crack of the earth’s surface.”

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