FaceBook has over 800 million users and growing, with an average of 130 friends per user. Good friends are only a “click” away. How many meaningful friends do you have on FaceBook, in church and in life? Christ isn’t a friend that clicks the “like” button every now and then. He wants deep, abiding love and friendship with each you.

Some questions/fodder for discussion with your church “friends”:
Funniest moment as a mom/parent…
Deepest desire for your child/children…
Scariest moment as mom/parent…
If you’re not a mom/parent…what’s one hope and prayer you have for the youth of the day…
And then to shift or to accommodate those who are not moms:
What do you think you can do to deepen your friendship with Jesus?
What can you do to deepen friendships here at church?
Who is one person beyond these walls who you know needs a friend and what might you be able to do to get closer to him/her?    John 15.9-17




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