Advent Conspiracy – “Attending to the Word: Preparation”

Do you believe in and support the Ordination of Women? This was an old question from days thankfully long past. Listen to an excerpt from Pastor Bob’s earlier days regarding the  messy and stinky stuff we carry with us every day. Maybe “we” need to be carried by God to prepare the way for the Lord.

Readings: Isaiah 40:1-11, Mark 1:1-8

Audio Sermon and YouTube video on Advent Conspiracy: The Perfect Gift

Questions for review:

  • What gets in the way, what obstructs your ability to prepare a way for the Lord in your life?
  • What seems too high, too low, too crooked, too hard, too unclear in your journey of faith?
    Be very specific and honest.
  • Then, imagine, God carrying…you. And let him…and imagine God’s help with your radical landscape changes…your preparations. IMAGINE…


audio file to listen to the sermon


The Perfect Gift

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