Series on John Chapter 6

This is a Bread Based series from John chapter 6.

Imagine Jesus talking about eating his Body and drinking his Blood. Makes me think of vampire movies like True Blood and the like. But of course Jesus was using it as a metaphor.

Enjoy  these 4 Sermons that capture the true essence of the Bread of Life.

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Sermon #1. It’s Not About the Bread
Reading John 6.1-21
Synopsis Today begins a month long lectionary ‘bread-based’ focus on John 6. But seriously, how much bread do any of us REALLY need? (How many bread sermons can I really come up with any way?). Good thing these texts have very little to do with bread and a lot to do with how Jesus acted in order to show us who he is!

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Sermon #2. See Food
Reading John 6:24-35
Synopsis Another bread-borne text, as we mentioned 2 weeks ago…and more to come! But today it’s all about see-food, as it were. Apparently, John’s audience has a vision deficiency (v.26). There is something in the bread of life that opens one’s eyes to see that in Jesus is the kingdom of God and the gift of God for the salvation of the world.

audio file to listen to the sermonSermon #3. Wonder Bread
Reading John 6:35, 41-45
Synopsis Manna in the Wilderness. Wonder of Wonders! And maybe John puts this incident on the lips of Jesus to remind us of the wonder of the ways God has been feeding his people for very long time.

audio file to listen to the sermonSermon #4. You are What You Eat!
Reading John 6:56-69
Synopsis Jesus talking about eating his body and drinking his blood was a strong, distasteful metaphor that was not only lost on a lot of people, but it also made a lot of people lose their lunch, so to speak. Still does. But if Jesus has the word of eternal life, and you are what you eat…then clearly, we are to be Jesus…to one another, our community and the world.




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