God Moves… past all Obstacles

Lenten Series Part 2: God Moves… past all Obstacles

Luke 13:31-35

Peter and Robin Knapp will share some of their experience with this theme with their work with Wycliff Ministries. This sermon series “God Moves…past all obstacles.”  is based on Luke 13.31-35.

Sam Dance will speak briefly and introduce Peter & Robin as they speak about how Jesus won’t let Herod’s threats or the people’s opposition keep him from fulfilling his loving purposes. This will also tie in to Peter & Robin’s piece in the service about how obstacles or oppositions didn’t keep them from fulfilling  their Mission and how they sensed God’s leading them.

God on the Move:  A Lenten Sermon Series Part 2:  God Moves…passed all Obstacles



March 17, 2019

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