Part 1: No Other Gods

This morning we are beginning a new sermon series I’ll call:  “Lenten Take-On’s:  The 10 Commandments.” Instead of thinking about what we might consider ‘giving up’ for Lent, how about we think about ‘taking on’ a study of this Biblical Top 10 List!  This morning we will think together about the context of the commandments, a potential significance of the order, and the VERY important significance of having no other gods.  This series will be dovetail with Sunday Seminar discussions on the 10 commandments as well, as per the request last Spring when we evaluated our programming…and will be an update to ‘upgrade’ our perceptions of those ancient tablets.

Lenten Take-Ons: The 10 Commandments
Part 1: No Other Gods

Exodus 20:1-7

audio file to listen to the sermon

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