A Room with a View (Love)

The Inn—Housing the Holy “A Room with a View (Love)” sermon for December 19, 2021


Week Four in the Series: The Inn: Housing the Holy
A Room with a View (Love)
There seems to be a lot of gloom and doom in the world today that is of course intensified but the pandemic. In this new Advent sermon series that will take us up through Christmas Eve, we will try to be focused on how God’s story is playing out in the midst of all that is harsh. And it is a story that points to an ending where everything has become new. The scriptures in this series point us to what is right and good and how we are to be in community together…caring with and for one another, especially the poor and will make us think about what it means to house the Holy.

Scripture Reading: Luke 1: 39-55 (CEB) 

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